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For more than 30 years, the NUS Business School has designed and delivered high impact customised executive education programmes. We integrate the best management and leadership practices in the West and offer you innovative solutions on how these practices can be adapted and applied in the Asian context. Our clients are blue-chip global companies from across the globe including Asia, and our programmes are delivered today in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Jakarta, Manila, Colombo, Shanghai, Beijing, Tokyo, Sydney, Wellington and Bangalore.


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We are ranked 20th globally in the Financial Times 2018 ranking.

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For enquiries or to make an appointment to visit us at the NUS Business School:
Bridget Tee
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T: +65 6516 5519

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Develop Forward-looking Leaders
Future-proofing Your Organisation

From design to delivery, our customised programmes are grounded in the world class expertise of the NUS Business School's faculty. As an integrated learning partner, NUS Business School will work with you to transfer knowledge across your businesses to enhance your capabilities, and enable your organisation to leverage cutting edge management practices to achieve sustainable growth.


Our instructional design process begins with acquiring an in-depth knowledge of the corporation's organisation and culture, business objectives and strategic direction.

With this understanding, we develop a customised curriculum to meet specific learning objectives for sustained impact.


We utilise lectures, case studies, experiential exercises, group projects, cross-cultural sharing, assessment tools, and external facilitators such as occupational psychologists to add varying dimensions to the learning experience and sustain impact.

The content addresses the current marketplace realities as well as future requirements and trends that can affect competitive advantage.

Consultative Approach

EE Process

Our Impact

With clients in Asia and globally, we remain focussed in delivering actionable and sustainable learning outcomes. Here are some of our customer success stories, from improving cross-border, cross-functional communications to building leadership skills for teams; our clients have benefitted from our customised programmes catered to fit their unique challenges.

Enhancing Cross-cultural Leadership Skills

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Collaborating Across Geographies and Functions

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Ensuring Solid Takeaways for Sustained Learning

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Improving Team Effectiveness

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Getting to know you.

Enhancing Cross-cultural Leadership Skills

NUS faculty were commissioned to write detailed business scenarios about cross-border company activities and the required cultural integration.


Participants immersed in intense cross-cultural workouts and learning reflections at debriefs.


The programme proved to be impactful for the understanding of cross-cultural behaviors–a very successful feature of the NUS leadership program which has endured with critical integration issues within the company addressed in a defined period of time.


Collaborating Across Geographies

NUS faculty facilitated a string of collaborative team projects for a multi-national conglomerate’s participants coming from cross business functions and geographies to experience working together.


Participants draw on their:

  • Appreciation for the multi-faceted business challenges; and
  • Learnings to collaborate and grow leadership competencies together

A highly intensive journey that threaded the participants together with an indelible learning experience –it forged their distinct way of corporate culture and work ethics over a span of several programmeruns with NUS.


Ensuring Solid Takeaways

We build learning interventions at the end of and after programmes to achieve strong ‘wrap-up/follow-up’ and ensure:
• Alignment
• Internalisation–learning stickiness
• Conceptualisation to address strategic challenges


We work closely with our clients to draw on creative strategies for building synergies and generating insights for target audiences.


NUS has been successfully utilising unique strategies for programme closures and enjoys sound testimonials from participants attesting to the effectiveness of such strategies.


Improving Team Effectiveness

NUS co-created an audit project to complement a Forbes 200 company’s leadership program. Under the project, participants audited their teams on core dimensions of team effectiveness and worked on improving the identified developmental areas.


Various support resources from the company and NUS were incorporated to ensure sound programme architecture.


The project was deemed very successful by the company as its teams were contributing towards the talent retention campaign and its sales growth –the project component was replicated in the company’s leadership programme in subsequent years.


Customised Programmes

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